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John Lennon Put The “Stay” In Staycer

John Lennon Put The “Stay” In Staycer

     Mark Staycer has been considered one of the words best impersonators. He lives his life as his favorite musician John Lennon, who was reportedly shot and killed outside his Dakota apartment in New York City on December 8, 1980, by Mark David Chapman. But in addition to Staycer’s striking vocal matchup and use of the same exact equipment John Lennon used, he also looks as Lennon would today, as opposed to a past Lennon. Fans have even noticed the same birthmark just below his right eye. These, among other clues, are helping lead people to believe that Lennon too faked his death, and that Mark Staycer is really him. 

     Mark Staycer rose to fame with the 2009 indie film “Let Him Be”. The movie was “a fictional hunt for John Lennon”, depicting what it may be like if he were still secretly alive today. The synopsis reads -“A film student (Sean Clement) suspects that musician John Lennon is still alive and in a remote part of Canada.” Stayer starred as Lennon, saying in an interview about the film- “The producers contacted me through my website”.  He thought he was being invited to play a child’s birthday party when the roll for “Let Him Be” was proposed. “[Mark] is probably one of the worlds best impersonators...”, Producer/director Peter Mcnamee said. “Mark, he owns so many of the items that John would have owned. Same guitar,same amps...”. Owning a lot of the same things, this either means he is a super fan, or the legend himself. Many feel that his voice is as accurate as can be. He tries to cover it up in the interview, talking with an American accent, but his Liverpool accent clearly shows through frequently. So this very well could be John.

       An entire album was written for the film. Though supposedly written by producers, the songs sound to poetic and professional to be written by a movie producer. Not to mention the lyrics bear a strong resemblance to old John Lennon songs. In particular, the song “I Was There” [embedded at end of article] seems to cleverly refer to the day Lennon was killed. For example, with the lyric- “Hear the stories from the boys in blue. It’s a must that you meet them. Yeah there’s talk about all my life. That night the apple took a bite. I was there”.  If Staycer is really Lennon, that likely means he is the one who wrote the songs in the film, and these lines for example could be a clever clue that he is giving curious minds to process. This line appears to be saying “ask the officials. You don’t know the truth about that day. But I was there”. Another stand out piece of the song is- “let’s have the truth so lose the lies. Are you listening FBI? It won’t be long but I can’t say when. I may go but I’m not gone”.  If you ask me this is John Lennon. Saying that he was there. But now he is here. Still alive and right in under our nose, as John loved to be. This film is clearly low budget, which could mean it’s purely an occurrence of John messing with us. According to many fans, he commonly messed with his fans using his incredible sense of humor. He was even a little known 5th member of The Rolling Stones, by the name of Brian Jones, undercover in the late 1960’s. On July 3rd, 1969, Jones suddenly “drowned”. And John Lennon appeared again.
    In addition, there are a couple other big clues that stand out. A YouTuber by the name of Ademir Miron, has posted a few videos, which feature photos of a mysterious photoshoot of Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono(Lennon’s wife), and Smoky Robinson with who appears could be Lennon. He even posed solo with Yoko Ono as she held a Grammy award. This make me feel that it must be Lennon. Who else would it be? Not to mention he has the look of what Lennon may look like today. A few photos have even surfaced of an elderly man in Ibiza posing with tourists that people swear is Lennon. He once had a holiday house there, and people say he still does and has been seen poolside on occasion.

        Embedded below is a video of Mark Stayer playing a live acoustic version of Lennon’s hit song “Imagine”. He mimics the acoustic version Lennon recorded live back in 1971. Aside from the spot on vocals and look, this could very well be Lennon messing with his fans again. In the beginning of this video, he appears to be trying to mess with our heads. He asks the crowd to shout out their favorite Beatles song, then jumps right into “Imagine”, a John Lennon solo hit. This is interesting. Is this all John trying to give away his secret identity in a trail of bread crumbs? Could Mark Staycer really be John Lennon? Imagine.

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