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Povciti- 100 [Review]

Povciti- 100 [Review]
   Underground hip-hop group Povciti (Poverty Citizens) knows how to keep it 100! Though not from Washington State like most of the artists we’ve featured, this Underground legend has a story and deserves to be in the limelight. Ep!c, a member of the group stated in his Instagram biography:”PovCiti- Poverty Citizens- We come from section 8 housing projects, trailer parks and slums all across the world... United we are strong! SEARCH US OUT!”.
     Linked in leader Hazes’ Instagram, is the music video to their strong hit “100”. 

     This hardcore song starts out instrumentally. The beat is mellow at first, but quickly speeds up as leader Haze starts out with the opening line of the chorus- “everything I do I try to keep it 100. Dove out of the car headfirst . An I hit the ground runnin’”. The vibe this first bar gives me is he is used to rolling with the punches. Overcoming obstacles. 
     The chorus, which occurs several times throughout the song, seems to refer to Haze following his dream of music with the line “Everything I do is music. I’m reaching for my dream what the f—- are you doin’?” As the chorus closes with the line “Sittin’ there judging. You good for nothing. Shut your mouth and use it to suck it!”, it is clear his eyes are on the prize and his passion is deep. He doesn’t give a you know what about the haters in the world and isn’t afraid to say it. I admire that.

     If you can keep up with the lyrics as the song continues, they seem to be pieces of Haze. Showing us what his life is like in a hyped up way. He hits us with classic rap subjects like weed,chicks and a love for rap. As well as weaving more of the story of himself, inspiring us to follow our dream. This fast paced song is backed by a killer beat and like all their music will have you bobbing your head the whole way. You 
will be pressing repeat guaranteed!

     The music video itself is just as fast as the song. Quickly switching between scenes of the boys rapping in an ally, a convince store, a graffiti plastered stoop and other deep city scenes. The boys’ energy and love for the music grabs you and pulls you in with them. You can feel the love in all of their music and videos! These are the kinda dudes you wanna party down with on a Friday night! 

     I-Tunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram... Povciti is everywhere. And they sure know how to keep it 100!

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