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Shots Fired - Soulja Boy vs Everyone

Shots Fired - Soulja Boy vs Everyone

Shots Fired

Our favorite washed up rapper is firing shots at the bigger names in the game. On The Breakfast Club he had some choice words for Kayne, Drake, Tyga. On top of talking on some house hold names our gaming genius has the balls to now state he is the reason all the younger artist are famous. He is the reason youtube artist and social media artist are becoming a known name. Our crank that boy is heavy on his own jock in this interview check it out below. 

Key Points

When asked about Nintendo suing him
:  "My lawyer says I can't speak on that."

Souljaboy Console "We got 20 thousand orders and it got back up, your product is on its way"

Souljaboy Movie:  "I got a movie coming out. Called Souljaboy The Movie Part 2."

Transcript from

DRAKE:  “Stop playin’ me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know. Y’all ain’t hear Drake with his first song: ‘Tell me what’s really going on, Drizzy Drake back in this thing already, what’s happenin’.’ That’s Soulja. That’s my bar. He copied my whole fucking flow, word for word, bar for bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake. Don’t do that.”

TYGA: “The nigga that lost his bitch to Travis Scott? The nigga that Travis Scott nutted in a bitch and got her pregnant? Him, he had the biggest comeback?” He goes onto say, "I love Tyga, but he didn't have the biggest comeback."

KANYE WEST:  “I came out with a whole video game console. I’m the first rapper to do that in history, bruh. You ain’t Walt Disney, you ain’t none of that, bruh. You kissed them folks ass at Louis Vuitton and you kissed them folks ass at adidas, and you came out with two pairs of goofy ass tennis shoes.”

Soulja wasn't done claiming to be the god father of the new hip hop world. He went on Everyday Struggle and claimed to be the reason Famous Dex made it

Did Droop make Soulja Boy??

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